Thermoplay Fakuma 2018

Improving process reliability and part aesthetics

Expert solutions provider for medical, packaging and technical parts, able to ensure high level of technical advice in sales and support.

The increasing requirements of special applications in cosmetic, medical, and packaging markets, drives Thermoplay to develop injection systems able to satisfy the aesthetic requirements. Allowing injection on an “inside” surface of the part and critical injection point area can be easily achieved by using special and mini nozzles systems. In addition, the extremely compact size of the valve gate system allows for less distance between the cavities of the mold; the possibility to exclude one cavity guarantees the molding operation even when maintenance is required.

Come visit us at Booth 1211 in the Hall A1, where you can join us for a coffee and get a free consultancy with our experts.

Pont-Saint-Martin (AO) Italy
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Thermoplay Fakuma 2018

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