TH-M6 EVO HP 240 zones


  • Synchronous increase of temperatures
  • "Slave" function: each zone can be linked to another with similar thermal behaviour
  • Plastic leakage alarm
  • Collective modification of all zones
  • Immediate and complete diagnostic
  • Efficient soft start (phase modulation adjustment)
  • Elimination of absorption peaks on three-phase
  • 2 independent set points
  • Multi language
  • Max environmental temperature: 50°C
  • Main protection with circuit breaker
  • 3-phase 400V supply or 3-phase 240V
  • CE Certification


  • 16 A for each zone (3500 W) even simultaneously
  • New smaller boards (max. 6.3 A for each zone)
  • Ethernet connection with operator terminal
  • Powerful control software:
    • Recipes
    • TEST environment to automatically test the electric connections of the heaters and of the temperature probes
    • Process data and alarms log, graphic display and export
    • Synoptic ambient with drag&drop function
    • Log of executed operations
    • "Undo" function
  • High performing operator terminal:
    • Wide 15" touch screen display
    • Cast aluminium sturdy structure
    • Front USB
    • 5 hardware function keys


  • Stand alone control panel
  • Monitoring through local network
  • Remote technical support through internet