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The ELS series injection systems, with standard nozzles and accessories, with 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 drops, have been transformed in a highly customizable product to follow the project settings.

The main features of this system are:

  • Distance between axis of manifolds is freely configurable.
  • Construction of the manifold can be with or without a “heater cover” depending on the injected material and the transformation temperatures
  • Flow channels are sized according to the type and diameter of the nozzle chosen
  • Nozzle and injection bushing can be chosen throughout the standard range
  • Thermocouples are J type and can be insulated or grounded
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Standard manifolds with 1 drop with shut off group:
Manifolds with 1 drop are not to be considered as standard, as the distance between axes are not fixed but they can vary as indicated in the catalogue. For this reason, no code is indicated in the catalogue, and the client must specify the distance between axes in the order. The dimensions indicated in the related drawings are standard, with the wire exit on the side of injection bushing. For requirements different from those indicated in these pages, the client must order a special product. Nevertheless, the client can construct the seat of the manifold by using dimensions indicated in the catalogue.
In the design the client can calculate the power zones for the temperature controllers on the basis of the Watts indicated. Differently from the other standard manifolds, 1 drop manifolds are also available in two versions, with pneumatic or pneumatic-hydraulic shut off groups.

Standard manifolds with 1(without shut off group) 2 and 4 drops:
The manifolds with 1, 2 , 4 drops are freely configurable as regards the distance between axes of nozzles. According the injected polymer and the process conditions, it will be recommended the construction version with or without covered heaters.
The diameters of the manifold channels , the diameters of the descent holes and the size of the injection bushing are sized according to the choices made during configuration. Independently from distance between axes, the nozzles diameters and the injected material, these are the thicknesses of the manifolds:
1 point , 2 points -> 32 mm
4 points -> 38 mm
The 1-2-4 points "standard" manifolds no longer exist, they will be constructed according to specific customer requirements.

Manifolds with 6 and 8 drops:
The manifolds with 6 and 8 drops are not changed and they use standard nozzles and accessories.

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