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Mold and hot runner technology combines with temperature and process control to deliver a tailor-made one-stop solution

At the 2019 “K” ‒ the world's largest plastics trade show ‒ US-based Barnes Inc. is exhibiting in Europe and for the first time showcasing its Moldings Solutions strategic business unit at a joint booth in the new Hall 1 – Stand C50-E50.

Barnes Molding Solutions ‒ including brands FOBOHA, Gammaflux, Männer, Priamus, Synventive, and Thermoplay ‒ covers the entire spectrum of moldmaking and hot runner technology, including temperature control and process control technology.

Theme-based sections will present solutions for demanding projects concerning the manufacture of plastic parts in the medical/pharmaceutical, personal care, packaging, automotive and technical parts markets, as well as electrical and household applications.

Foboha and Männer, Barnes Molding Solutions’ high-precision moldmakers, serve different industries but work according to the same principles in terms of performance, durability, and ease of maintenance of their tools. While Männer specializes in molds for the medical and pharmaceutical industries with corresponding knowledge in qualification, Foboha develops innovative mold concepts for the personal care and caps & closures end markets.

In hot runner technology, Männer, Thermoplay and Synventive will exhibit their very latest developments and projects in their sectors. Männer continues to focus on its patented Original Cylindrical Valve Gate, while Thermoplay specializes in thermal system designs. The two hot runner specialists complement each other to meet specific customer requirements. Thermoplay will present its new range of hot runner systems for multi cavity molds with up to 144 cavities. The new systems offer significant process window improvements and an optimized thermal profile, which reduces energy consumption. This helps to ensure high reliability of the injection molding process and consistent part quality, even at the high speed and volumes specifically required for caps & closures, packaging, and personal care applications.

Männer, FOBOHA and Thermoplay represent the Multicavity Team within the Barnes Molding Solutions strategic business unit, serving the market for medium- and high-cavity applications.

The key strength of these three multicavity experts is several decades of experience with molds and hot runner technology as well as knowledge about their technical interaction. In addition, the hot runner division benefits from the extensive application knowledge of the mold makers in the group, which allows them to recommend an optimal hot runner design to customers. The best technical and process-stable production solution requires an integrated system from a single source.

We look forward seeing you soon at our stand, where you can join us for a coffee and get a free consultancy with our experts.

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