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Thermoplay S.p.A.

The best for injection molding
Technological solutions for reliable process in the plastics injection molding

Thermoplay presented at K2019 show its new range of hot runner systems for multi cavity molds up to 144 cavities.
The new TF and TD hot runners offer significant process window improvements and an optimized thermal profile, which reduces energy consumption.  This helps to ensure high reliability of the injection molding process and consistent part quality, even at the high speed and volumes specifically required for caps & closures, packaging, and personal care applications.
The new series are provided with a completely new tip that ensure optimal thermal conduction and the special steel construction allow to be used for the most polymers including technical resins. The heater, thermocouple and tip can be replaced directly in the injection molding machine.

The new “TD” series is provided with an external bushing having a double sealing on the external surface that prevents from leakage and provide better insulation. The external sealing requires lower precision on the mold design and manufacturing, facilitating the mold making operations.
The internal flow channels have been increased, to optimize injection and decrease pressure losses.

The catalog pages and the seats designs of new TF and TD nozzles are available in the Catalog section of our website, and replace the FN / FT and DN types, which will be available only for diameters 32, 44 and 46.

The manifolds design and construction has been improved to suit better multicavity molds applications. The manifold has been provided with screws fixing the manifold on the mold plate, to avoid possible leakages.
The heaters following the manifold profile are now provided on both sides in order to have more homogeneous heating and ensure perfect balancing.

Barnes Molding Solutions
Barnes Molding Solutions strategic business unit ‒ including brands FOBOHA, Gammaflux, männer, Priamus, Synventive and Thermoplay ‒ covers the entire spectrum of moldmaking and hot runner technology, including temperature control and process control technology.

The expertise and know-how achieved during last years allow to offer innovative solutions for demanding projects concerning the manufacture of plastic parts in the medical/pharmaceutical, personal care, packaging, automotive and technical parts markets, as well as electrical and household applications. Molding Solutions’ strategy ensures that each brand of the company focuses on the development of its core competencies while close cooperation between the brands provides the customer with the best solution for the respective application.

Männer, FOBOHA, and Thermoplay represent the multicavity team within the Barnes Molding Solutions strategic business unit, serving the market for medium- and high-cavity applications. The key strength of these three multicavity experts is several decades of experience with molds and hot runner technology as well as knowledge about their technical interaction. In addition, the hot runner division benefits from the extensive application knowledge of the moldmakers, which allows them to recommend the optimal hot runner design solutions to customers.
The combination of expert knowledge and experience in moulds and hot runner technology, and temperature and process control will make it possible to convincingly demonstrate one of the most important topics for the industry and the global society: environmentally friendly plastics.
These types of bio-plastics have long been recognized as important by Barnes Molding Solutions. In addition to customer projects that have already been completed, the strategic business unit will provide insight into its work in the extensive field of biologically produced, biodegradable, or even post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR).

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