Sequential controller


  • Sequential control of pneumatic and hydraulic valve gate systems.
  • Automatic and manual test operation for the control of each valve.
  • Maximum configuration: 16 valves.
  • Mobile 7" high resolution touch screen unit in shockproof case.
  • The valve programming can apply to:
    • Differentiated opening and synchronous closing.
    • Differentiated opening and non synchronous closing.
    • Opening all the valve gate groups during the packing phase.
  • Handling of recipes and users.
  • Export and import of recipes from USB memory.
  • Synoptic view configuration.
  • Programming diagnostic.


  • Temperature control of conditioning circuits .
  • Control of line pressure.
  • Temperature and pressure alarms.
  • Programming according to temporal logic .


  • Power supply 230 V50-60 Hz.
  • Overall dimensions 390x210x480 mm.

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