Plate actuated valve gates solutions

Synchronized pneumatic or hydraulic actuation plate for valve gate systems

Main features:

  • Compact valve gate system and actuation.
  • Minimal pitch of nozzles and valve gate pins.
  • Perfect synchronism in opening and closing the cavities.
  • Mechanical adjustment of needle length, independent on each single cavity (PATENTED).
  • Ability to release a single pin (with distance between cavities >38mm) (PATENT PENDING).
  • Opening/closing cavities, and pin adjustment can be executed on the machine

Technical characteristics:

  • Minimum pitch of nozzles:
    • with disengaging and pin adjustment devices: 38 mm.
    • only with pin adjustment device: 22 mm.
    • without any device: 17 mm.

Synchronized electric actuation plate for valve gate systems

In addition to the features previously described, the electric actuation plate also includes the following characteristics:

  • Electric motion group independent and small sized.
  • No lubrication is needed in any element.
  • High and constant movement force on the whole stroke (10 mm).
  • Minimum maintenance: no component has to be removed for the periodical lubrication of the movement components.
  • Faster routine maintenance: it is no more required to disassembly the operation components of the system (shafts, screw and nut screw, support bearings) for the routine maintenance for the injection system (including pins and pin drive bushings).
  • Ideal for operation in clean room.

Technical characteristics:

  • Input power: 380 V.
  • Minimum thickness of motion group: 144 mm.
  • Minimum hot half size: 346x396 mm.
  • Pin stroke: 5÷10 mm.
  • Pin open/close time: 0,1÷0,15 sec depending on the pin stroke.
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