New side gate TFS

In the case of tube shape components such as pipettes, syringes, caps, cannulas, or technical components, lateral injection molding is advantageous. For these applications, Thermoplay has developed nozzles for direct side gating. This economical solution does not require sprue or cold runners. The nozzle models differ in the arrangement of the injection points, which can be linear or radial.

  • Fit for installation in compact multi-cavity molds

  • Cylindrical sealing area between the tip and the cavity in order to ensure maximum reliability

  • Flawless parts free from aesthetic defects

  • Radial or linear layout of the injection points

  • Sprueless direct injection on the part ensures significant cost efficiency

  • Maximum flexibility on the nozzle length

  • Simplified installation and maintenance

  • Suitable for most polymers available on the market

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