PRESS REVIEW - Interempresas

December 2016 - Thermoplay presenta una mini boquilla a obturación para piezas pequeñas y con entre centros reducidos.


K 2016 - Thank you

October 2016 - Dear Sirs,We thank you for visiting us at K2016 and for the interest shown in our products. We are very satisfied of great success having had more than 600 visitors at our booth!
Thanks to the strategic partnerships we develop with our customers during the design process, we are able to provide a high level of technical advice, in order to achieve the best solution for any type of injection requirement, thus optimizing the process and tool costs.
Do not hesitate to contact us to get a complimentary consultation with one of our experts.
You will be welcomed again at the next exhibitions in 2017!

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  • Thermoplay_k2016_10
  • Thermoplay_k2016_11
  • Thermoplay_k2016_2
  • Thermoplay_k2016_3
  • Thermoplay_k2016_4
  • Thermoplay_k2016_5
  • Thermoplay_k2016_6
  • Thermoplay_k2016_7
  • Thermoplay_k2016_8
  • Thermoplay_k2016_9

PRESS REVIEW - Kunststoffe

October 2016 - Thermoplay - Nadeln effektiv ansteuern.


PRESS REVIEW - Plástico universales

October 2016 - Themoplay desvelara su mayor novedad durante el certamen.


PRESS REVIEW - Plastics in packaging

June 2016 -Running away with it.


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