PRESS REVIEW – Interplast

May 2020 - Soluções tecnológicas para uma elevada fiabilidade no processo de injeção


Thank you!

April 2020 - Thanks to all our colleagues, responsible even more than before, who, facing personal risks and difficulties, have made the best contribution together at this very delicate moment, keeping active the production of Thermoplay and guaranteeing the essential services for all the strategic sectors of our country.
Thanks to our customers who have continued to give us confidence and unconditional support.
Thanks to our Suppliers and our Consultants.
Thanks to the Barnes Group companies that have supported us in these difficult days.
Thanks to Valle d'Aosta and Confindustria Vda.
Only thanks to ALL OF YOU today can we look to the future with optimism !


December 2019 - Une offre complète pour des process d’injection fiabilisés
Barnes Molding Solutions regroupe sous une même bannière un éventail impressionnant d’expertises techniques en fabrication de moules, de systèmes canaux chauds, et d’équipements de suivi et de contrôle de process.


PRESS REVIEW - Plastics Machinery

February 2020 - Hot-runner nozzles from Thermoplay/Manner are versatile
Thermoplay's new TF and TD hot-runner nozzles can be used with a wide range of resins to produce caps, closures and packaging


PRESS REVIEW - Kunststoff-Schweiz

January 2020 - Thermoplay Deutschland GmbH
Hot runner systems for plastics injection molding


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