• Balanced manifold layouts with special inserts (conical plugs) allow multilayer channels and direction changes.

  • Vast range of customised and standard configurations with optimised melt channels for each application.

  • Even temperature profile for all applications.

  • High quality steel.

  • Flow analysis used to design special application and family moulds.

Flow analisys

Injection systems from Thermoplay are defined following careful analysis of the injection material, the size and weight of the item to be moulded, and the expected moulding cycle.
Using flow-analysis software and 3D simulation techniques, the company balances the hot runner carefully to ensure perfect cavity filling for precise production of part details.
Conical plugs inserted in all the manifolds eliminate the possibility of stagnation zones.


The flow paths having the same length and channel sections create a natural balance, while the distributed filling pressure in all the mould chambers ensures moulding of identical parts.
The special structure of the manifold allows the nozzles to be assembled at low temperatures, to avoid out-of-axis movements while the operating temperature is reached.

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