Packaging & closures

Thermoplay hot runner systems suite offers a large processing window, repeatability, and unique solutions which meet the demands of the packaging industry. Thermoplay has a solution – from simple caps and closures to more demanding complex applications.

The driving factors of reduced material increases the demand on the hot runner, and Thermoplay has the technology to maximise output. As energy saving solutions are a factor in today’s modern processing facilities, Thermoplay’s patented heaters are proven to consume less power than conventional heating solutions.

Examples of applications are:

  • Thin wall containers

  • Packaging food and non-food applications

  • Beverage caps and closures

  • Specialty closures

  • Push-pull sport bottle closures

  • Snap on Lids

  • Flip top lids

  • Spout body and caps for doy packs

  • Trigger sprayers

  • Spray pumps

  • Coffee capsules

  • Spout caps for multilayer packaging

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